How to be unstoppable!

Are you unstoppable? Are you on the way to get what you want no matter what? 
If you are, you are on the right way. But, that doesn't mean that you are not going to meet challenges and obstacles along, that doesn't mean that it is going to be easy. One thing I have learnt from cross-country skiing and racing is that it is definitely not easy. But on the other hand it is incredibly rewarding and powerful experience. 
To set a goal in your mind and deciding to go for it is on one word - rewarding. You are learning, you are growing, you are becoming stronger, mentally and physically. If you are able to overcome defeat and disappointment, if you are able to be patient and believe that no matter what, I will be better, I will improve, I will get there, you are strong. Incredibly strong. You have a willpower, you have faith, you have patience and you will make it far, that is certain.
If you have that crazy strong passion to something, if you live for your dream, your dream will soon live for you. It will become reality. If you want to be unstoppable, you can become it! There will be nothing which can stop you, you set up your mind and you are going for it! You are not scared to fall, because you know that when you fall, you can get up. You are not scared for dissapointment, because you know that you can learn from it and become stronger. You are not scared for challenges, because without them, this way to your goal would be boring and not exciting. This type of attitude is a winning attitude. You are not scared, you are simply going after what you want. 
I saw a very good movie once and it is called soul sufer. I am sure many of you have maybe seen it or heard about it. It is incredible true story of being unstoppable, of never giving up, of living your dream no matter what circumstances, no matter what obstacle is put out in front of you. The girl in this movie wants to become professional surfer, that is all her life is about. Surfing. That's what she loves. However, one day, while surfing, shark unexpectedly attacks ripping off her arm below the shoulder. That seems like enough to end her promising career as a surfer. 
But this girl is a true fighter. Despite all the circumstances, despite the fact that without one arm is almost impossible to surf, she finds a way and she succeeds. Her faith, strong will, hard work and passion gets her back on her surfboard and she is ready to compete again. 
It is hard to believe that this movie is made according the true story and I have a huge respect to this girl. Just think about it: She had to face the fact that her arm is never coming back and at the same time, somehow she finds a way to get back to competing and doing what she has always loved to do. 
And there is that prove, that if you truly want something, there is nothing which can stop you from doing it. Except of course your attitude. Your thinking. 
Your attitude can be your strongest helper or your worst enemy. It can lead you to achieve miracles or it can stop you. It is certainly not easy to have that winning type of attitude, but it's possible. But the one thing is certain: You have to be aware that this fight is not going to be a walk in the park. You will be falling, but you have to get up again, that's the only choice you have. Only choice you have to get to the finish line!
Are you unstoppable? :-)




Be yourself!

We've all been there. Facing our future. Facing the fact, we are going to become something. Facing the fact, we need to decide.
Think back about the time, when you have graduated from high school and you was left with some decision making. Decisions which will affect and influence your future, your life. Where you are going to end up.
Or you are just about to graduate and these decisions you are going to face are getting closer.
At this point, we find ourselves " in between ". We are at the phase of transition. Who am I going to become? What the future holds for me? Where am I going to end up?
It is like we are being on the crossroad. We can't know what our future holds, but we have to make some decisions. We have to go one way or the other. We have to make choices and we have to do our best, so that choice we are going to make will be the right one. But how do we know?
It always takes some time to realize, what is really important in our lives, where we truly belong, who we truly are. But somewhere deep in you heart, you will always find that answer. The answer of who you are. Once you have found out, you are faced with finding out whether or not you will follow the TRUE you or you will follow the ORDINARY.
Being yourself is the key to everything. You know yourself the best, you know who you are, you know what passion and spirit is hiding in you. Never stop being yourself! Never let others change you, never let others tell you what dreams you should follow, when you know yourself the answer to that question. You know what dream you want to follow, you know who you are and where you belong.
Once you stop being yourself, once you try to convince yourself that it's okay to do something even though your passion is on the complete other side, you will not end up truly happy. You are following the ORDINARY. You are following something just because others tell you to, or just because you feel like you are taking a big risk by following your heart. But at this point, you are not letting yourself to be yourself. There is a reason why you are passionate about something, there is a reason why you have that certain talent and ability, there is always a reason behind it all. And that reason is that your talent, your goal, your dream wants to be worked on. Don't let yourself down, don't hide behind the someone you are not, simply be the true YOU. You are amazing the way you are!
Don't follow the ORDINARY, follow the TRUE you! You have some fire in your heart and you don't want to leave this world knowing that you let that fire burn out.
Just be true to yourself and never change who you are! Then you are on the right way, wherever you are going! :-)

When we wish to stop the time!

So, I am sure sometimes in your life you have achieved something big, something you are proud of, something which has left a mark in your memory, something which was so special to your heart.
Achievements are always given to you for the effort. The effort you put into your work and the result of it is the actual price - the achievement.
Maybe you was proud of your graduation moment, where all the hard work you was putting into your school was finally paying of. You have graduated and the whole world was waiting for you, the whole world of opportunities and chances.
Maybe you was proud of being on the podium of the important competition. You was training hard, you was sacrificing you time, you was having this big goal in your mind and you have achieved it. You was standing on the podium of the winners.
Whatever you have achieved in your life, it is time to be proud of yourself. It is time to be proud of the goal you have succesfullyahieved.
And think back now: That particular moment, where your dream became the truth, how did it make you feel? Have you felt like, you just wanted to stop the time? To stop the time, so you could just take in that moment, so you could stay with all these emotions of joy and happiness as long as possible?
Our achievements are the reflection of our talents and abilities. They reflect who we truly are. They reflect our passion, what we love and what we are working towards.
With the achievements, there are the feelings of those experiences involved. The experiences when you have felt like you was at the right place at the right time, when you was exactly at that place where your heart belongs, when you just found yourself lost in the moment. Those experiences are treasure. They make us feel so amazing, they simply catch our breath and we wish...To stop the time...
Even though we can't stop the time, we can lock those precious moments in our hearts, where they will stay forever. And most importantly, we always have that chance to make a new achievement, to grow a little more and to feel lost in the moment of joy by following your heart and being exactly where you need to be, where you belong. :-)

Smiles Thru Lindsey!

Smiles Thru Lindsey is a foundation which will be geared towards providing financial help to young adults, teen and children dealing with depression.

Everyone is invited to support this foundation, so let's make some difference in this world together!

Have a great day to all of you!


When I lost my friend...The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others!

I used to have a friend. A very good friend. Her name was Lindsey and some time ago I received this shocking, saddest news that she passed away.

The friendship of Lindsey and I has begun when I was about 15 years old and my family and I moved to Canada. With moving, everything was new to me. New country, new city, new teachers, new students, new life. I have to admit that beginnings were not completely easy for me. I was struggling to keep up with the pace in class since my English skills were not perfect and I was little worried how am I going to fit into the environment, how am I going to make some new friends.

And then I met Lindsey. This happy, bright, caring and understanding girl, who was always putting others first. Who was always there to help and listen, no matter what. She made me feel welcomed, she simply became my friend and that was something I will cherish and appreciate for the rest of my life.

And then one day, my birthday came. And Lindsey and her friend prepared the birthday celebration for me. Even though both of these amazing girls knew me for such a short time, they decided to make my day truly special and make me feel loved. So there we werethree happy girls enjoying a good time in each others company.

After graduating high school, I stayed in contact with Lindsey, we messaged, we talked. But one day I have learnt that Lindsey is gone. Forever.

The last time we messaged, she wrote me that we have to catch up sometimes, meet up for coffee and talk about everything which has happened in our lives so far. The saddest part is that this day will never come. There is so much I wish I have said to Lindsey. There is so much I wish I could say to her right now. She was a friend like everyone wants to have, she was the example of how true friend should treat you, she was the inspiration to this world, Lindsey was simply unique.

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others. Lindsey was one of them. It is so sad and tragic that such a beautiful person couldn't stay with us and left us. I wish I could have helped... How I wish I could have been there for her, when she needed it the most. There are so many things I wish I could have said to her, so she would stay with us, so she would get out from the darkness and saw the light again.

Nobody deserves to feel depressed and down. Depression is a mental illness and it is feeding on you. It's taking all your positive thinking awaywhile negative thinking is all you have.The negativity controls you to such an extent that you might end up feeling with no reason to live. That you might end up feeling like you have nothing to live for anymore. You might feel so down, that you feel like you can't fight this situation you are in anymore. And once you give up, you are losing yourself. And that's the saddest part.

And the thing I am thinking about all over again is that how such a bright, always full of smile girl could not see the reason to live anymore?

Behind the smile can sometimes hide deep pain and struggle.To know that my friend was in such pain and emptiness that she couldn't say yes to life anymore, it breaks my heart.

Think for a moment about all people in your life you love and care about. Show them your love! Let them know how much they mean to you, because you never know when they can be taken away from you. We all have limited time in this word and we need to make it valuable. Treat others just the way you want to be treated, offer a helping hand when someone needs it, be a good listener, give a hug or friendly smile to people around you, be the person who will shine! Be the person who will brighten the lives of others! It is your life, your journey, so remember: By making people around you happy, you are making yourself happy. It is mutual and that's what it is all about. Loving and caring, listening and helping.

Remember, there is always people around you, who need some kind of help. Maybe a just little bit of encouragement...Maybe a little bit of advice...Maybe a little bit of smile and understanding...Whatever it is, just give the good to people. Let them know that you actually care. Let them know, that they are not going through this alone. Simply be there for someone! You might be just saving someone else's life.

To Lindsey, with love! Until we see each other again! Carry you in my heart always!


The importance of not giving up!

How easy it is to give up? How easy it is to say to yourself: I can't do it. How easy it is just to decide not doing anything, anything at all, just doing things in order to survive, but strive for nothing higher, nothing which requires faith and patience.

Dreams and goals, they all require strong mental skills. They are not for weak, they are for strong. And you decide in your head whether you become that strong one or the weak one.

The first initial thing that happens when theperson decides to follow a dream or a goal is excitement. Then it comes to challenges and obstacles and finally our decision. Whether we act and pursue or we give up and fail. So let's talk little more about those three stages on the way of pursuing our goal.

1. Excitement

We start doing something we are passionate about. We have all the excitement in our minds and we can't wait to begin to work on our goal. That is the first and initial thing which happens. We are happy, full of energy and ready to start working on our task.

2. Challenges and obstacles

We meet challenges. We meet obstacles. We are suddenly faced with something, which is not easy, which requires some work. Hard work, patience and most importantly faith.

3. We either give up or not give up

It's simple as that. We give up or not give up. We say yes to the challenge which stands in front of us or we say no to the challenge with knowing that our goal will never be reached. The choice is ours and decision is crucial. It will decide whether or not our goal will be reached.

In order to reach your goal or dream, you need to have faith in yourself, you need to believe that you can actually do this, that you are capable of reaching your goal, that you are not weak, that you are talent full and unique individual who can do amazing things in this life, who can achieve anything as long as you never start doubting yourself. Once you start doubting yourself, remember: Your goal is moving away from you. You are not getting closer.

Giving up is an easy step to take. It doesn't require strength, patience, faith, it doesn't require anything. Giving up is giving up, we are ending up with nothing. Sometimes, it can seem like a good choice. We are not taking any risk, we don't need to use our energy and effort and we think: well, I didn't achieve this, but that's okay. It's very unlikely I could achieve it anyway. And we become satisfied or at least we have convinced ourselves that the task we wanted to achieve was nearly impossible.

But the question is: Wasn't it you who just said to yourself and convinced yourself that you can't do this? It's your thinking, you have decided the outcome. You have decided that you couldn't do it after all. It was you who gave up, who started to doubt yourself to such an extent that your goal will simply never be reached.

Do yourself a favor and follow your heart's desire. Follow your dreams and goals, no matter what. Do not give up. When it get's hard, work harder. When there are people saying to you that there is no point of doing it, don't listen. When you find yourself tired and exhausted, without energy and motivation, questioning whether or not you are willing to continue, stop right there. Remember, you can't start doubting yourself. From doubt there comes fear and from fear there comes defeat, it's the willpower which leads to success. But what if questions like these come from our minds: What if I will not reach my goal? What if I will fail and this whole trying will turn out like a big waste of time?

When you start to think like this, fight back. Don't let these negative thoughts get into you. If you are passionate about something, there is no single reason why you should stop yourself from doing it. Why you should stop striving for success. Why you should stop striving for your personal growth. The journey which leads to the result is long, not easy and requires patience and faith. If you are able to keep them, you are on the right way. Don't think about the outcome, don't think about what if... What if my dream will not come true...

Instead, think another way: I am working on myself. I work hard, I meet challenges, I grow and learn from them, I become the stronger individual, I become a person who never gives up, the person with willpower and faith knowing that at the end of my chasing, there awaits the result. I will get there no matter what, because if you truly want something and if you truly believe in it, you will get it, sooner or later, it is just the matter of time.Your dream is waiting for you, all you need to do is to chase it and hunt it down. Your faith and patience will get you there.

Good luck on your journey all of you! You can do it, you can do miracles! You can be the example for this world! Start right now and don't look back, just look forward because there lies your dream. Reach it!


The power of memories!

Imagine: You wake up one day and you can't remember anything. You can't remember your family or friends, you can't remember where you live, you can't remember your job, people around you, you can't remember what you was doing yesterday and years ago. You can't remember what you have learnt. Your mind is blank. Nothing. You feel like you have lost yourself. Like you are nobodylike there is nothing inside you that you can hold onto and relate to.

The thought of losing a memory is terrifying. Memory is anessential part of person's life, It contains all the information from your life, it is like a reflection of everything you have learnt and experienced.

The power of memory is incredibly strong and I like to say that memory has its two powers. It is our greatest friend and our worst enemy. Why? Let's talk about it little more.

We all have memories. Some of them evoke happiness and joy in our hearts and minds, some of them evoke sadness or nostalgia and some of them evoke almost no feelings at all. It's like when you remember that you were going to work yesterday, but there is no special feeling you experiencewhen you think about that moment back. That memory is not evoking any special feeling at all. Unless you have experienced something very unusual on your way there.

Memories which evoke happiness and joy in us are pleasant memories. When you think about something great and exciting which happened in your life, that memory makes you smile, you feel like it melts your heart, it is just so pleasing to go back in time in your head and think about that certain memory. Memories like these we want to cherish and we want to remember them, we don't want to lose them, because their meaning and value is too important for us, it reflects who we are, who we've become, what we've accomplished, the beautiful and extraordinary places we've visited, caring, understanding, loving people we've met, our childhood memories when we was dreaming big and the world was all ours and we didn't have any worries, we just lived in a moment with a full smile on our faces. Often while thinking back about moments like these, we feel this strong desire to come back to these moments. When everything was so beautiful, when our lives were full of joy. And that is when the memory is becoming our greatest friend. It is when memories are like our best friend, the thought of them make us smile and evoke beautiful emotions in us. It's the memories we want to cherish and keep in our hearts and minds forever. And we can. That is the incredible power of memory. It allows us to appreciate and simply remember all those amazing moments we have experienced in our lives.

But there is also the other side of memory. When the memory becomes your worst enemy. The moments when you have hurt someone or someone have hurt youwhen you lost someone you cared aboutwhen something bad had happened to you. The question is: Do you like to think about these memories? No. Those memories evoke sadness or maybe even anger, they simply evoke negative thoughts in our minds and we want to escape them. We maybe even want to forget them. It's like when you was involved in some accident, you broke your leg or someone caused you pain or you got some very bad news which changed your life forever. Those memories bring such a strong, negative emotions in us and at that moment, they become our worst enemy. We try to escape them, we try to think about something else, we just want them out of our head, because we want the positive in our lives not the negative. You surely heard someone to say: How I wish, I could forget. When a person says these words, their meaning is simple. That person wish to forget, wish to forget some negative experience, but can't. That's when the memory becomes our worst enemy. We can't erase it. We can't just say: Please disappear.

But we can do something else. We can try to take something positive from those negative memories, we can think that we've become stronger because of them. We are here, we live and we breathe and that means we survived. We got through the negative experience, we have learnt from it something valuable, we learnt a new lesson and we've become different, stronger individuals. When you break your leg, you learnt to be more careful next time. When you lose someone you care about, you become an even stronger person just by getting through that experiencewhen someone hurt you, you have that chance to forgive and be in peace again with that someone, you can show the world your heart and its pure intentions. So, even these negative memories carry importance in our lives. We learn from them, we grow from them, we strive for better.

And don't forget that the most beautiful thing about memories is making them. You have your chance today to do something which you can remember for the rest of your life and you can keep that memory in your heart and mind forever, where it will be locked and nobody will take it away from you.

Start making your memories and cherish them because in the end that's all you really have.


A bad day - I'll be okay, just not today.

Have you ever had one of those days? Those days, when you feel like everything is falling apart, when you try to do something and you fail, then you try again, but there is no improvement. Those days, when you feel like you just lost all the motivation, when you feel like you are just not good enough, when you feel like the whole world is against you. I know that feeling and I am sure every one of you experienced it in your life sometimes.

Who likes these days? Surely, nobody. It's the days when we feel like giving up and just not doing anything at all. Because no matter how much we try, it all seems useless. Am I right?

We start doing something. We start and we fail.

And then all those negative thoughts in our heads start to get into us, starts to follow us and we feel like we can't escape them. We just can't escape anything but the negative. Everyone of us has its own way of dealing with bad days. Some of us get angry, some of us get sad and then when for some of us, it's just feels like enough is enough, we can even break into tears. We cry. Or we just give up, ending up doing nothing, because when we do nothing, then at least we feel like the situation can't get worse.

But remember, you are not alone. Never.

There is no person in this world, who doesn't meet challenges along the way. But it is just up to you, how you are going to face them. How you overcome them, whether you decide to take a step back or to take a step forward.

If you decide to take a step back, you can do either nothing and just complain about your day or making it even worse by letting your negative thoughts get to you. And what will be the result? Your day will be the same, same as bad or even worse.

Or you can start taking one step forward by thinking positive. By thinking: Okay, this day is not good, but I can make it better. I will find some positives in my day, I will put my favorite music on, I will pick up the phone and talk to my friend, I will get out of the sofa and take a walk and remove all my negative thoughts out of my head. Or I will take a short nap and once I am relaxed, I start again with new energy, with new motivation to make my day better. Just do something, because there is always some cure to turn your day around. From bad to good. Or at least from bad to better. :-)

And if you feel like crying, you cry, let the emotion go out, there is no shame to it. Just don't give up and remember that you'll be okay, and if not today, then tomorrow. Because a bad day is just a bad day, it will pass and then the next day will bring something new and exciting to your life.

And here is something for you to make you feel better, whatever hard day you are facing! :-)


When the leaves starts to change colors!

The season of beautiful golden colors, the season of change, the season that carries more gold in itself than any other season - surely, I am talking about autumn! :-) For me, autumn is the most beautiful and special season. I love to spend time outdoors training, going to the forest or mountains and during the autumn season, I enjoy being in nature even more. Autumn is special to my heart...Maybe it is because I was born in autumn... Maybe it is this feeling of getting outside and feeling fresh crispy air at the same time as seeing the most beautiful colors nature can give us... Or maybe it's just everything together... Autumns feels like nature is having a big celebration and everyone is invited! :-) It takes so little to enjoy the gift of what nature offers us, all it takes is to get outside, stay a while and enjoy the moment!

People say, the best in our lives, you cannot buy for the money. There is a big truth in this saying. Whether it's being around your loved ones and family, or just being in the nature enjoying all the beauty this world offers us, you cannot buy any of this for money.

And isn't it great? :-) Isn't it great that the best you can have are actual feelings you experience, when you are around the people you care about and the feeling of freedom, happiness and peace every time you take a step outside your door and find yourself lost in nature? You don't need any money to experience these moments of joy, but at the same time these moments are priceless, their value is beyond all price.

Right now, when I am writing this article it is October and that means, I am still trying to enjoy the last opportunities to see this beautiful gift nature gives us. Autumns also remindme the time of change. Just as the leaves are changing, our lives are changing, day by day. And it is just up to you, how you are going to use your day, how valuable you are going to make it, how great you want to feel! It is your thinking which shapes who you are, so just as leaves are changing colors in the autumn, you can change your life to even better, you can change your life - so you will feel truly happy and inspired! It is actually not that hard, just follow your heart's desire, do exactly what makes you feel happy and motivated, be around people you love, be with your friends, try to give a friendly smile to people around you, people in your community or anywhere you are, because believe me, there is no better feeling than to make people around you happy!

So, start enjoys having your life, life is the greatest gift a person can have, now it's time to cherish it and treat each day just like it is your last! Because you are beautiful and you can do amazing things in this world, it is only you, who decides whether or not, you are going to waste your life or do something wonderful with it! And you can start doing wonderful things right away! :-)

Just go out, give someone a smile, offer someone your helping hand, become a good listener when people need you, follow your dreams and goals, be determined, passionate and hard working, give yourself time to enjoy the things you love doing - whether it is a time you love spending with your friends and family, or it is spending a weekend in peaceful nature surroundings, wherever your true passion lies, just go and use it!

Autumn is the timewhen nature shows us its most beautiful colors! And it is your time to show the world how beautiful you truly are!

Have a great autumn all of you! :-)


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