When the leaves starts to change colors!

The season of beautiful golden colors, the season of change, the season that carries more gold in itself than any other season - surely, I am talking about autumn! :-) For me, autumn is the most beautiful and special season. I love to spend time outdoors training, going to the forest or mountains and during the autumn season, I enjoy being in nature even more. Autumn is special to my heart...Maybe it is because I was born in autumn... Maybe it is this feeling of getting outside and feeling fresh crispy air at the same time as seeing the most beautiful colors nature can give us... Or maybe it's just everything together... Autumns feels like nature is having a big celebration and everyone is invited! :-) It takes so little to enjoy the gift of what nature offers us, all it takes is to get outside, stay a while and enjoy the moment!

People say, the best in our lives, you cannot buy for the money. There is a big truth in this saying. Whether it's being around your loved ones and family, or just being in the nature enjoying all the beauty this world offers us, you cannot buy any of this for money.

And isn't it great? :-) Isn't it great that the best you can have are actual feelings you experience, when you are around the people you care about and the feeling of freedom, happiness and peace every time you take a step outside your door and find yourself lost in nature? You don't need any money to experience these moments of joy, but at the same time these moments are priceless, their value is beyond all price.

Right now, when I am writing this article it is October and that means, I am still trying to enjoy the last opportunities to see this beautiful gift nature gives us. Autumns also remindme the time of change. Just as the leaves are changing, our lives are changing, day by day. And it is just up to you, how you are going to use your day, how valuable you are going to make it, how great you want to feel! It is your thinking which shapes who you are, so just as leaves are changing colors in the autumn, you can change your life to even better, you can change your life - so you will feel truly happy and inspired! It is actually not that hard, just follow your heart's desire, do exactly what makes you feel happy and motivated, be around people you love, be with your friends, try to give a friendly smile to people around you, people in your community or anywhere you are, because believe me, there is no better feeling than to make people around you happy!

So, start enjoys having your life, life is the greatest gift a person can have, now it's time to cherish it and treat each day just like it is your last! Because you are beautiful and you can do amazing things in this world, it is only you, who decides whether or not, you are going to waste your life or do something wonderful with it! And you can start doing wonderful things right away! :-)

Just go out, give someone a smile, offer someone your helping hand, become a good listener when people need you, follow your dreams and goals, be determined, passionate and hard working, give yourself time to enjoy the things you love doing - whether it is a time you love spending with your friends and family, or it is spending a weekend in peaceful nature surroundings, wherever your true passion lies, just go and use it!

Autumn is the timewhen nature shows us its most beautiful colors! And it is your time to show the world how beautiful you truly are!

Have a great autumn all of you! :-)


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