A bad day - I'll be okay, just not today.

Have you ever had one of those days? Those days, when you feel like everything is falling apart, when you try to do something and you fail, then you try again, but there is no improvement. Those days, when you feel like you just lost all the motivation, when you feel like you are just not good enough, when you feel like the whole world is against you. I know that feeling and I am sure every one of you experienced it in your life sometimes.

Who likes these days? Surely, nobody. It's the days when we feel like giving up and just not doing anything at all. Because no matter how much we try, it all seems useless. Am I right?

We start doing something. We start and we fail.

And then all those negative thoughts in our heads start to get into us, starts to follow us and we feel like we can't escape them. We just can't escape anything but the negative. Everyone of us has its own way of dealing with bad days. Some of us get angry, some of us get sad and then when for some of us, it's just feels like enough is enough, we can even break into tears. We cry. Or we just give up, ending up doing nothing, because when we do nothing, then at least we feel like the situation can't get worse.

But remember, you are not alone. Never.

There is no person in this world, who doesn't meet challenges along the way. But it is just up to you, how you are going to face them. How you overcome them, whether you decide to take a step back or to take a step forward.

If you decide to take a step back, you can do either nothing and just complain about your day or making it even worse by letting your negative thoughts get to you. And what will be the result? Your day will be the same, same as bad or even worse.

Or you can start taking one step forward by thinking positive. By thinking: Okay, this day is not good, but I can make it better. I will find some positives in my day, I will put my favorite music on, I will pick up the phone and talk to my friend, I will get out of the sofa and take a walk and remove all my negative thoughts out of my head. Or I will take a short nap and once I am relaxed, I start again with new energy, with new motivation to make my day better. Just do something, because there is always some cure to turn your day around. From bad to good. Or at least from bad to better. :-)

And if you feel like crying, you cry, let the emotion go out, there is no shame to it. Just don't give up and remember that you'll be okay, and if not today, then tomorrow. Because a bad day is just a bad day, it will pass and then the next day will bring something new and exciting to your life.

And here is something for you to make you feel better, whatever hard day you are facing! :-)


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Lucy Jancus

Lucy Jancus

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