The power of memories!

Imagine: You wake up one day and you can't remember anything. You can't remember your family or friends, you can't remember where you live, you can't remember your job, people around you, you can't remember what you was doing yesterday and years ago. You can't remember what you have learnt. Your mind is blank. Nothing. You feel like you have lost yourself. Like you are nobodylike there is nothing inside you that you can hold onto and relate to.

The thought of losing a memory is terrifying. Memory is anessential part of person's life, It contains all the information from your life, it is like a reflection of everything you have learnt and experienced.

The power of memory is incredibly strong and I like to say that memory has its two powers. It is our greatest friend and our worst enemy. Why? Let's talk about it little more.

We all have memories. Some of them evoke happiness and joy in our hearts and minds, some of them evoke sadness or nostalgia and some of them evoke almost no feelings at all. It's like when you remember that you were going to work yesterday, but there is no special feeling you experiencewhen you think about that moment back. That memory is not evoking any special feeling at all. Unless you have experienced something very unusual on your way there.

Memories which evoke happiness and joy in us are pleasant memories. When you think about something great and exciting which happened in your life, that memory makes you smile, you feel like it melts your heart, it is just so pleasing to go back in time in your head and think about that certain memory. Memories like these we want to cherish and we want to remember them, we don't want to lose them, because their meaning and value is too important for us, it reflects who we are, who we've become, what we've accomplished, the beautiful and extraordinary places we've visited, caring, understanding, loving people we've met, our childhood memories when we was dreaming big and the world was all ours and we didn't have any worries, we just lived in a moment with a full smile on our faces. Often while thinking back about moments like these, we feel this strong desire to come back to these moments. When everything was so beautiful, when our lives were full of joy. And that is when the memory is becoming our greatest friend. It is when memories are like our best friend, the thought of them make us smile and evoke beautiful emotions in us. It's the memories we want to cherish and keep in our hearts and minds forever. And we can. That is the incredible power of memory. It allows us to appreciate and simply remember all those amazing moments we have experienced in our lives.

But there is also the other side of memory. When the memory becomes your worst enemy. The moments when you have hurt someone or someone have hurt youwhen you lost someone you cared aboutwhen something bad had happened to you. The question is: Do you like to think about these memories? No. Those memories evoke sadness or maybe even anger, they simply evoke negative thoughts in our minds and we want to escape them. We maybe even want to forget them. It's like when you was involved in some accident, you broke your leg or someone caused you pain or you got some very bad news which changed your life forever. Those memories bring such a strong, negative emotions in us and at that moment, they become our worst enemy. We try to escape them, we try to think about something else, we just want them out of our head, because we want the positive in our lives not the negative. You surely heard someone to say: How I wish, I could forget. When a person says these words, their meaning is simple. That person wish to forget, wish to forget some negative experience, but can't. That's when the memory becomes our worst enemy. We can't erase it. We can't just say: Please disappear.

But we can do something else. We can try to take something positive from those negative memories, we can think that we've become stronger because of them. We are here, we live and we breathe and that means we survived. We got through the negative experience, we have learnt from it something valuable, we learnt a new lesson and we've become different, stronger individuals. When you break your leg, you learnt to be more careful next time. When you lose someone you care about, you become an even stronger person just by getting through that experiencewhen someone hurt you, you have that chance to forgive and be in peace again with that someone, you can show the world your heart and its pure intentions. So, even these negative memories carry importance in our lives. We learn from them, we grow from them, we strive for better.

And don't forget that the most beautiful thing about memories is making them. You have your chance today to do something which you can remember for the rest of your life and you can keep that memory in your heart and mind forever, where it will be locked and nobody will take it away from you.

Start making your memories and cherish them because in the end that's all you really have.


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