The importance of not giving up!

How easy it is to give up? How easy it is to say to yourself: I can't do it. How easy it is just to decide not doing anything, anything at all, just doing things in order to survive, but strive for nothing higher, nothing which requires faith and patience.

Dreams and goals, they all require strong mental skills. They are not for weak, they are for strong. And you decide in your head whether you become that strong one or the weak one.

The first initial thing that happens when theperson decides to follow a dream or a goal is excitement. Then it comes to challenges and obstacles and finally our decision. Whether we act and pursue or we give up and fail. So let's talk little more about those three stages on the way of pursuing our goal.

1. Excitement

We start doing something we are passionate about. We have all the excitement in our minds and we can't wait to begin to work on our goal. That is the first and initial thing which happens. We are happy, full of energy and ready to start working on our task.

2. Challenges and obstacles

We meet challenges. We meet obstacles. We are suddenly faced with something, which is not easy, which requires some work. Hard work, patience and most importantly faith.

3. We either give up or not give up

It's simple as that. We give up or not give up. We say yes to the challenge which stands in front of us or we say no to the challenge with knowing that our goal will never be reached. The choice is ours and decision is crucial. It will decide whether or not our goal will be reached.

In order to reach your goal or dream, you need to have faith in yourself, you need to believe that you can actually do this, that you are capable of reaching your goal, that you are not weak, that you are talent full and unique individual who can do amazing things in this life, who can achieve anything as long as you never start doubting yourself. Once you start doubting yourself, remember: Your goal is moving away from you. You are not getting closer.

Giving up is an easy step to take. It doesn't require strength, patience, faith, it doesn't require anything. Giving up is giving up, we are ending up with nothing. Sometimes, it can seem like a good choice. We are not taking any risk, we don't need to use our energy and effort and we think: well, I didn't achieve this, but that's okay. It's very unlikely I could achieve it anyway. And we become satisfied or at least we have convinced ourselves that the task we wanted to achieve was nearly impossible.

But the question is: Wasn't it you who just said to yourself and convinced yourself that you can't do this? It's your thinking, you have decided the outcome. You have decided that you couldn't do it after all. It was you who gave up, who started to doubt yourself to such an extent that your goal will simply never be reached.

Do yourself a favor and follow your heart's desire. Follow your dreams and goals, no matter what. Do not give up. When it get's hard, work harder. When there are people saying to you that there is no point of doing it, don't listen. When you find yourself tired and exhausted, without energy and motivation, questioning whether or not you are willing to continue, stop right there. Remember, you can't start doubting yourself. From doubt there comes fear and from fear there comes defeat, it's the willpower which leads to success. But what if questions like these come from our minds: What if I will not reach my goal? What if I will fail and this whole trying will turn out like a big waste of time?

When you start to think like this, fight back. Don't let these negative thoughts get into you. If you are passionate about something, there is no single reason why you should stop yourself from doing it. Why you should stop striving for success. Why you should stop striving for your personal growth. The journey which leads to the result is long, not easy and requires patience and faith. If you are able to keep them, you are on the right way. Don't think about the outcome, don't think about what if... What if my dream will not come true...

Instead, think another way: I am working on myself. I work hard, I meet challenges, I grow and learn from them, I become the stronger individual, I become a person who never gives up, the person with willpower and faith knowing that at the end of my chasing, there awaits the result. I will get there no matter what, because if you truly want something and if you truly believe in it, you will get it, sooner or later, it is just the matter of time.Your dream is waiting for you, all you need to do is to chase it and hunt it down. Your faith and patience will get you there.

Good luck on your journey all of you! You can do it, you can do miracles! You can be the example for this world! Start right now and don't look back, just look forward because there lies your dream. Reach it!


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