When we wish to stop the time!

So, I am sure sometimes in your life you have achieved something big, something you are proud of, something which has left a mark in your memory, something which was so special to your heart.
Achievements are always given to you for the effort. The effort you put into your work and the result of it is the actual price - the achievement.
Maybe you was proud of your graduation moment, where all the hard work you was putting into your school was finally paying of. You have graduated and the whole world was waiting for you, the whole world of opportunities and chances.
Maybe you was proud of being on the podium of the important competition. You was training hard, you was sacrificing you time, you was having this big goal in your mind and you have achieved it. You was standing on the podium of the winners.
Whatever you have achieved in your life, it is time to be proud of yourself. It is time to be proud of the goal you have succesfullyahieved.
And think back now: That particular moment, where your dream became the truth, how did it make you feel? Have you felt like, you just wanted to stop the time? To stop the time, so you could just take in that moment, so you could stay with all these emotions of joy and happiness as long as possible?
Our achievements are the reflection of our talents and abilities. They reflect who we truly are. They reflect our passion, what we love and what we are working towards.
With the achievements, there are the feelings of those experiences involved. The experiences when you have felt like you was at the right place at the right time, when you was exactly at that place where your heart belongs, when you just found yourself lost in the moment. Those experiences are treasure. They make us feel so amazing, they simply catch our breath and we wish...To stop the time...
Even though we can't stop the time, we can lock those precious moments in our hearts, where they will stay forever. And most importantly, we always have that chance to make a new achievement, to grow a little more and to feel lost in the moment of joy by following your heart and being exactly where you need to be, where you belong. :-)

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Lucy Jancus

Lucy Jancus

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