Be yourself!

We've all been there. Facing our future. Facing the fact, we are going to become something. Facing the fact, we need to decide.
Think back about the time, when you have graduated from high school and you was left with some decision making. Decisions which will affect and influence your future, your life. Where you are going to end up.
Or you are just about to graduate and these decisions you are going to face are getting closer.
At this point, we find ourselves " in between ". We are at the phase of transition. Who am I going to become? What the future holds for me? Where am I going to end up?
It is like we are being on the crossroad. We can't know what our future holds, but we have to make some decisions. We have to go one way or the other. We have to make choices and we have to do our best, so that choice we are going to make will be the right one. But how do we know?
It always takes some time to realize, what is really important in our lives, where we truly belong, who we truly are. But somewhere deep in you heart, you will always find that answer. The answer of who you are. Once you have found out, you are faced with finding out whether or not you will follow the TRUE you or you will follow the ORDINARY.
Being yourself is the key to everything. You know yourself the best, you know who you are, you know what passion and spirit is hiding in you. Never stop being yourself! Never let others change you, never let others tell you what dreams you should follow, when you know yourself the answer to that question. You know what dream you want to follow, you know who you are and where you belong.
Once you stop being yourself, once you try to convince yourself that it's okay to do something even though your passion is on the complete other side, you will not end up truly happy. You are following the ORDINARY. You are following something just because others tell you to, or just because you feel like you are taking a big risk by following your heart. But at this point, you are not letting yourself to be yourself. There is a reason why you are passionate about something, there is a reason why you have that certain talent and ability, there is always a reason behind it all. And that reason is that your talent, your goal, your dream wants to be worked on. Don't let yourself down, don't hide behind the someone you are not, simply be the true YOU. You are amazing the way you are!
Don't follow the ORDINARY, follow the TRUE you! You have some fire in your heart and you don't want to leave this world knowing that you let that fire burn out.
Just be true to yourself and never change who you are! Then you are on the right way, wherever you are going! :-)

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Lucy Jancus

Lucy Jancus

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