How to be unstoppable!

Are you unstoppable? Are you on the way to get what you want no matter what? 
If you are, you are on the right way. But, that doesn't mean that you are not going to meet challenges and obstacles along, that doesn't mean that it is going to be easy. One thing I have learnt from cross-country skiing and racing is that it is definitely not easy. But on the other hand it is incredibly rewarding and powerful experience. 
To set a goal in your mind and deciding to go for it is on one word - rewarding. You are learning, you are growing, you are becoming stronger, mentally and physically. If you are able to overcome defeat and disappointment, if you are able to be patient and believe that no matter what, I will be better, I will improve, I will get there, you are strong. Incredibly strong. You have a willpower, you have faith, you have patience and you will make it far, that is certain.
If you have that crazy strong passion to something, if you live for your dream, your dream will soon live for you. It will become reality. If you want to be unstoppable, you can become it! There will be nothing which can stop you, you set up your mind and you are going for it! You are not scared to fall, because you know that when you fall, you can get up. You are not scared for dissapointment, because you know that you can learn from it and become stronger. You are not scared for challenges, because without them, this way to your goal would be boring and not exciting. This type of attitude is a winning attitude. You are not scared, you are simply going after what you want. 
I saw a very good movie once and it is called soul sufer. I am sure many of you have maybe seen it or heard about it. It is incredible true story of being unstoppable, of never giving up, of living your dream no matter what circumstances, no matter what obstacle is put out in front of you. The girl in this movie wants to become professional surfer, that is all her life is about. Surfing. That's what she loves. However, one day, while surfing, shark unexpectedly attacks ripping off her arm below the shoulder. That seems like enough to end her promising career as a surfer. 
But this girl is a true fighter. Despite all the circumstances, despite the fact that without one arm is almost impossible to surf, she finds a way and she succeeds. Her faith, strong will, hard work and passion gets her back on her surfboard and she is ready to compete again. 
It is hard to believe that this movie is made according the true story and I have a huge respect to this girl. Just think about it: She had to face the fact that her arm is never coming back and at the same time, somehow she finds a way to get back to competing and doing what she has always loved to do. 
And there is that prove, that if you truly want something, there is nothing which can stop you from doing it. Except of course your attitude. Your thinking. 
Your attitude can be your strongest helper or your worst enemy. It can lead you to achieve miracles or it can stop you. It is certainly not easy to have that winning type of attitude, but it's possible. But the one thing is certain: You have to be aware that this fight is not going to be a walk in the park. You will be falling, but you have to get up again, that's the only choice you have. Only choice you have to get to the finish line!
Are you unstoppable? :-)




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Lucy Jancus

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